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Seismic, well, structural, geochemical and potential field data individually offer important insights, but their true impact is only realized when considered collectively. Integrated interpretation is key to maximising your understanding, whether it is a regional assessment, seismic acquisition planning, or well and field development. Our specialists have extensive experience and technological skill sets to deliver truly integrated 3D & 4D interpretations.

We believe in the “Common Earth Model” concept, drawing on a wide range of geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data in order to build integrated models of complete geological frameworks. We believe that successful interpretation does not come from combining independently derived geological and geophysical models. Integrated interpretation means the development of a single earth model that is quantitatively consistent with all the geological and geophysical data, driven by conceptual understanding.

We offer the following methodologies to the customers:

  • 3D Seismic Interpretation
  • Prospect Generation
  • Regional & Basin Studies
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Structural Modeling & Analysis
  • Depositional Systems Analysis