We provide specialized consultancy and software solutions to the Oil and Gas industry in areas like Geo-statistics and Mathematical morphology applied to reservoir geophysics including seismic processing, time to depth conversion, reservoir characterization and 4D monitoring. We have the tools, techniques, training and resources which we provide either independently or with our assistance, along with experienced industry experts from reputed companies who have expertise to support the entire value chain processes from Exploration to Production.

The key advantages of partnering with us:

  • Seamless integration of operational processes with reduced costs and higher efficiencies
  • Accelerated revenue growth and enhanced portfolio management
  • Lower time and costs to market via a well-defined new services introduction process
  • Strategically aligned business processes and a superior decision support system

Our solutions cover a wide range of areas like:
  • Integrated E&P solutions
  • Formation Evaluation solutions
  • Data integration solutions
  • Asset management solutions
  • Digital oil field solutions
  • Future forecast solutions
  • Value chain optimization solutions
  • Health safety environment solutions
  • Supply chain management solutions