A seismic survey is collects data in a “raw” or “unprocessed” form, and it must go through a series of computing processes like filtering, stacking and migrating to make it useable. This process requires extremely powerful computing hardware and advanced software which has been custom-built for this task.

The purpose of seismic processing is to manipulate the acquired data into an image that can be used to draw inferences about the sub-surface structure. Processing routines generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Enhancing signal at the expense of noise
  • Providing velocity information
  • Collapsing diffractions and placing dipping events in their true subsurface locations (Migration)
  • Increasing resolution (Wavelet Processing)

Ananta offers a complete suite of Seismic Data Processing through our exclusive tie-ups with technical experts and service partners with extensive experience and strong resource pools.