An understanding of the subsurface formations and their effect on wave reception is necessary for Seismic Interpretation - the science (and art) of inferring the Geology at some depth from the processed seismic record. Although modern multichannel methods have increased the size and quality of interpretable data, we still need interpreters to draw upon their knowledge of Geology to pick the most likely interpretation.

We offer a wide-ranging set of Seismic Data Interpretation modules like:

  • Time structure maps with faults
  • Depth structure maps
  • Seismic facies maps for reservoir, source, or seal analysis
  • Seismic amplitude maps for DHI analysis
  • Thickness maps inferred from seismic tuning analysis
  • Fault plane maps
  • Fault plane maps with cross-fault sand juxtaposition for seal analysis
  • Isochron or Isopach maps showing growth or thinning in a stratigraphic interval
  • Seismic velocity maps for lithology determination or depth conversion